Thursday, December 1, 2011

Salam Maal Hijrah 1433

I have been thinking for quite some time what to write on my new year note. After carefully arranging my thoughts, I finally manage to compose and summarize what last year had been for me and what I wanted to wish for as we ushered in the new year :)

Last year was definitely another year of roller coaster ride ;p i got my heart broken, i suffered 2 major health scares, went through that ordeal of last minutes retraction of job promotion, dealing with some investment gone named it..macam2 adaaaa! However, despite the hiccups in my life plans they did not dampen my spirits to move on and start over in both personal and professional life. I learned to get better, and be stronger. I learned to fall, and to raise up higher. I learned to smile, to laugh, to wink even when my world is turned upside down. Most importantly, I learned to accept God's will with open arms and know that good things comes to those who wait :)

This year I have planned things to look forward to. There's that big mid year plan that I have put on the map ever since I put "finding Jacob" on hold. There's also that aim for another offer for job promotion. Not to forget that "get fit and get ____" motto to turn into reality. hehehe wedding(s) to plan, friends to have fun with, families to love...and ME to cherish ;p so, it's gonna be another bzbzbzbzzzzz year for Farina peeps!

I guess I could say I begin this new year as a brand new person. One who is more matured, one who knows that she can survive anything that was thrown her way. One who has learned to let go of the past. One who has experienced life at its worse in the course of 28 years of her life. One who hopefully will always remember to appreciate life with its ups and downs ;)

So there! All my wishes and hope for the new year...with the details pinned somewhere in my head. Cuma benda yang belom pasti tu saye simpan dulu lah...kalau elaborate takut tak menjadi pulak..just like last time ;p

This year is all about me. As vain as that may sound, I still wanna focus on me coz I am done focusing on making other people happy esp. at the cost of losing my own self in the process ;p I hope life is kind to me this year, if not kinder, than the previous year. I hope God forgives me of my sins and may this year brings more joy into my life. And I have a good feeling that it will! ;)