Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Just like the saying "good things comes to those who waits"..well, I couldn't think of anything more well said than that at the moment! I'm feeling gleeful inside, so happy I can't describe it! I imagine myself to be in one big gigantic HAPPY bubble ;p

I've been awarded with the Group Leadership Team (GLT) Award. In my organization, there are 2 prestigious awards up for grabs for those highly performed employees - the Group CEO award and on a smaller scale, the GLT award, both under the prerogatives of the Group CEO.

As explained by my VP this name was nominated for the GCEO award. However, since the management decided to streamline the whole list of recipients, only a handful of those listed will be receiving the GCEO award - the crème de la crème so to speak. So, those who were dropped from the list shall make it into the GLT award list. Hence, there I was...sitting in that meeting room...absorbing it awe, along with the rest of everybody else of course! Haha.

And just as my line of thoughts ventured into "what the heck did I do to deserves this recognition...?" my VP was saying "You may think that you are just an ordinary employee, you did not contribute much to your unit, much less to the company...but for us, you do. You deserves this award more than anyone else. And we want to reward you" Damn! That's good to hear. Haha

I know I have Apek to thank for this. This award is beyond anything I ever imagined myself to achieve in my career plan here. Even my ex boss felt so proud. So, the agenda today is to write Apek an email [coz I'm such a coward to actually thank him in person...pfffttt~!]...I dunno how to begin aside from one big, bold, beautiful, PINK [haha] "THANK YOU!". I hope the email works its charm! hahaha

Miracle happens, people. Dreams do come true.
And I, for one, have dreamt beautiful dreams :)



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